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AUSTRALIAN Pilot Program

 All your data prep needs in the environment you know best

CollageWrangler is an advanced Data Prep tool for all levels of users and implemented as an Excel add-in. It features a point and click interface with built in logic to achieve a smooth and intuitive workflow.

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See How CollageWrangler Enhances Excel

The New Way to Wrangle data for users who:

       Know what their data is

       Know where their data is

       Know what they want to do with it

Why CollageWrangler?

Easy Merge/Joins on Multiple Files
Consolidate Files Free of Column or Name
Continuous Work Flow
Multi-Column/Multi-File Filter with Various Logic
No formulas, commands, cutting/pasting or SQL
No Rigorous Data Structures
Image by Carlos Muza

The fastest, easiest, most error-free data prep tool

Increase Productivity 

Save Time

Reduce Errors

Easy To Use


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