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About Us

About CollageWrangler

CollageWrangler is a Melbourne based start-up, founded with the mission of making data preparation accessible, intuitive and efficient for all data users. The only user requirement is to know what your data is, where it is and what you want to do with it.


We saw a need in the market for a powerful data prep tool that could be used by technical and non-technical data users alike. So, we decided to build a tool that could address the growing demands of data.

The result is CollageWrangler.


Our development team is led by Chris Martz, a former Deloitte Consulting partner, who has 40 years of experience helping users in small and large organisations work with their data. Chris began his career in data when he founded a company in the US which brought his clients' data and business operations together using software tools he had developed. That’s when Chris’s passion of enabling his clients to work with their own data began and continues to this day with CollageWrangler.  Chris has worked with a number of other companies as both CIO and CTO and as a Deloitte partner served as CTO for their new startup Deloitte Outsourcing. In this capacity Chris founded and built the Melbourne Service Centre to a staff of 600+.

Here at CollageWrangler we are passionate about our culture and our mission to enable all data users to work with their data in a straightforward way. We believe we have a product that speaks for itself. CollageWrangler's usability and core functionality make it the new must have tool in data prep for all data users in all company sizes.

Chris Martz



Kyle Martz

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